Running this week

10 Jun 2019 by Sean Trampe

Hi everyone,

This week we will meet at 9:00 on Tuesday morning and 8:00 Wednesday night. This is an hour later on Wednesday evening than usual to allow for more runners to attend.

Tomorrow morning we will meet at the school and run our road route. We will discuss safety measures before we begin and also have our “runners on road” signs out.

Wednesday night we will meet at the Beaver Lake Clubhouse at 8 to run.

Depending on my wife’s schedule, we may also be able to get a team run in Thursday morning OR Thursday evening.

We’d love to have a bigger group this week. Those who’ve made it so far…thank you. Keep up the good work. If you haven’t been able to join yet, make a goal to get out with us at least once this week. These runs are light and easy, so don’t be intimidated by them.

See you tomorrow!

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