Running This Week and Booster Club Golf Outing

24 Jun 2019 by Sean Trampe

Good afternoon families:

This week I will not be available to run Tuesday morning due to wrestling camp. I would still encourage our athletes not only to attend the strength and conditioning session with Coach Clausen in the morning, but also get out and run afterwards (or before even) Running is much easier done when in a group, so if you’re able to be a part of this, please go get some miles in. I will plan to meet team members at Beaver Lake on Wednesday night at 8:00 for a team run. Please make plans to attend and come be a part of the fun.

At this point in the summer, runners need to average about 4.2 miles a day to reach the 200 mile club if you haven’t started yet. If you have been running, keep it up! Make a point to get out 3-4 times a week and run a couple of miles at a time. I will try to create more team run opportunities for the team to get together and run. We will not run anybody into the ground, I can assure you of that.

I hope that we can all start to work on getting into shape for the fall sports season as July approaches. We have a great group of established runners on this team and I am very excited about our incoming teammates. We have great potential to be an outstanding team that competes for conference district and even state titles this season and beyond. Buy in now and cash out big later.

Speaking of money…….We are manning a hold at the Conestoga Booster Club golf tournament this Saturday (the 29th). This is a main fundraiser for our team and we are seeking you help!! This is for adults only. The job is relatively easy and a lot of fun. Please consider signing up to help me out by going to the following link:

(Yes it says basketball, but it is for all three sports sponsoring the holes)

As always, if you have any questions, please never hesitate to contact me at 308-730-2336 or

Thank you!

Coach Trampe

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