Running this week

7 Jul 2019 by Sean Trampe

Good evening runners and parents:

I hope everyone had a great holiday week and weekend. I’m ready to get back to work this week, and I hope you are too. I will be at the high school to run tomorrow after the boys weights at 7:45, and after the girls weights at 9. Iwill also be available to run after cougar strong finishes at 10, so Junior high runners please try to make it if you can. My plan is to also run Tuesday, and Thursday mornings. I would also like to get as many letters as possible to go to the Plattsmouth cross country series on Wednesday night. I will try to make updates on Team app as quickly as I can if my schedule changes.

We are down to five short weeks until the start of season. I’m not out to try to force anybody to come in and run if they can’t make it, but you will have such an easier start to season if you start getting in shape now. I have been looking at prospective conference and District teams, and I believe we have a really great chance to qualify both the boys and girls team for State this year. I expect our girls team to win districts, but I’m going to need everyone to buy in and push each other. Please plan to come to these morning runs and get in shape. Parents, please help encourage your kids to get to these morning runs and get in shape. We can do something truly special with a little hard work.

Whether you have been running all of your life, or never really tried it at all…YOU can be successful on our team if you trust the process and push yourself. Take the opportunity to become a better athlete, and to learn how far you can push yourself with dress country this season. I’m really excited to get started with everyone See you tomorrow!


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