Last Call-Team Apparel

15 Aug 2019 by Sean Trampe

Good morning,

Runners: great job on an awesome first week. I’ve been impressed everyday and it was nice to end the day with some fun this morning.

I just wanted to send one last reminder about team apparel. The store will close tonight at 11:59. Please make sure to get on and check that out if you haven’t. We’re shooting to get all runners a white shirt (of any style) to wear as a team. If you have any concerns on purchasing a shirt, please…PLEASE talk to me today and we will figure something out! It’s entirely up to you if you want to purchase sweats or jackets, etc. Feel free to do so, but don’t feel obligated.

Thanks to everyone for a great start to the year. I look forward to seeing y’all at open house tonight and practice tomorrow at 4:00. Have a great day!

Coach Trampe

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